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Our vineyards, our passion.

Our wines, your senses delight.

Making history...

The real way to understand grape growing and Rioja wine making

Finca Valdeguinea is the culmination of the Sáenz-Comunion Family work of Saenz Family since the nineteenth century.


After three generations devoted to wine, combining effort and thrill, the result is Finca Valdeguinea.


Luis Juan Sáenz Comunión defines himself as a winegrower aware of the fact that his work culminates and is rewarded with his great wines.


Finca Valdeguinea borns with this idea, and has going for several key factors:


  • A limited production. This allows close monitoring of the entire making process, from the vine to the bottle.


  • Winemaking tradition. Wines come from our vineyards located in El Cortijo - Logroño (La Rioja), a land with a recognized winemaking tradition.


  • Vineyards and Wine. The vineyards we grow in El Cortijo give name to our wine "Finca Valdeguinea". They are located in mountain hillsides from Rioja Alta at an altitude of 600 meters, with an area of ​​25 hectares in clay-calcareous soils and a type of stone that makes the land difficult to grow. These ground features provide high quality grapes and, consequently, high quality wines. El Cortijo, privileged spot within the Rioja appellation of origin, together with one of the most traditional winegrowing systems has allowed us to raise our vineyards in an incomparable way. After planting the stocks from American roots we graft them one year later with some of the ancient thorns taken from the family ancient vineyards.








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